I love music.. and randomness.

I’m a little surprised

by how easy it is to meet people, and unmeet them. 

Like you build a sort of bridge to someone, and at any moment it can come tearing down and seem as if nothing was ever there to begin with.

I’m starting to get used to this honestly, and little by little I feel like people are just becoming more expendable. Like at any moment you can just lose that connection with someone for simple to no apparent reason.


When hot people actually think you’re attractive 


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i should not be laughing this hard

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Via Epic Humor - Best Funny Posts on Tumblr


This looks like the choose your character part of an arcade game

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A friend is someone who will hide behind a snow penis to throw up snow jizz while you’re ferociously hugging it.

I’m so done with this site

lmaoo . I need someone like this

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Shhhh…… it’ll be over soon.

The Legend of Korra Book 3

Just finished the last episode. Ugh.

I’m not even sure what to feel, but I feels it.




[I did not make this! This was drawn by the person at the SOURCE above]

[Thanks to Kohakuchan for helping me upload this masterpiece]

I am crying.

No. Stop.

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Me watching the pizza in the oven


when your friend crops you out of a picture 


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